deel XI - Driessen achief - documents England including Scotland

source: Driessen archive - digital

archivaris: Andreas Driessen op ten Bulten

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11-1) Aldershot (county of Southampton):

     a-1) indenture dated 10-6-1922 whereby Stuart Driver Harland builder of Dean house Cambridge road Aldershot in county of Southampton has sold

         to James Watmore of Elm cottage Jongham in county of Surrey for 500 pounds, a piece of land situated at West End Aldershot in county of South-

         ampton, known as nr. 51 Queens road Aldershot. [Aldershot-1a/c]

     a-2) indenture dated 1-4-1939 whereby the representatives of the late James Watmore [died 2-2-1925] of 51 York road Aldershot, being Ernest Alfred

         Corps of Lynn county of Surrey and Florence Mary Watmore widow of nr. 35 Broadwater road Worthing in county of Sussex, have sold for 360

         pounds to Elizabeth Fraser of nr. 12 York road Aldershot in county of Southampton, a piece of land situated at West End Aldershot in county of

         Southampton, known as nr. 51 Queens road Aldershot bounded on the north by Queens road and the west by a path. [Aldershot-2a/d] 


11-2) Alnwick (Northumberland): document dated 2-12-1811 with conditions of sale of premises in Clayportstreet Alnwick belonging to mr. Abercrombie,

         sold to mr. G. Nesbett for £ 600. [Alnwick-1a/d]


11-3) Ashampstead (county of Berkshire): will and testament dated 8-4-1870 of John Holding of Ashampstead (he died 13-11-1870) legating to his

         brother Charles Holding, his sister Emma Cooper-Holding and nephew William Holding his farms Longcross and Eastcroft at Kingsclere [see also

         there] and legating his Oxfordshire estate to his son John Carter Holding and everything else. Also his daughters Susan Agnes Holding and Phillis

         Elizabeth Holding are mentioned in regard to the Oxfordshire estate trust. [Ashampstead-1a/j]


11-4) Battersea (county of Surrey):

    a) indenture dated 26-11-1868 whereby James Lord of st. John.s lodge of st. John's hill in Battersea in county of Surrey has leased to William James

        Cockrell the younger builder of manor house in High Street Battersea, a piece of land & messuage in York road Battersea as drawn on the map,

        for 99 years starting 24-6-1868 for yearly rent of 8 pounds. [Battersea-1a/e]

    b) indenture dated 5-12-1868 whereby William Troud builder of 21 Shaftesbury terrace Warwick road in Kensington in county of Middlesex has lend

         750 pounds against interest, from Birkbeck Permanent Benefit Building Society, with security several lands & messuages situated at the Yelverton

         road in Battersea county of Surrey. [Battersea-2a/d]

    c) indenture dated 6-3-1869 whereby Joshua Shuckford builder of nr. 1 Trafalgar place in Chapham Ric in county of Surrey has lend 250 pounds

        against interest, from Birkbeck Permanent Benefit Building Society, with security several lands & messuages situated on the east side of the Yel-

         verton road in Battersea county of Surrey now called nr. 21, 23 & 25 Yelverton road. [Battersea-3a/d]  


11-4) Bishop Auckland (county of Durham): indenture dated 23-5-1865 whereby Charles Heslop butcher of Bishop Auckalnd in county of Durham, has

         lend 350 pounds against 5 pound yearly interest, from Thomas Bowe Thwaites surgeon and William Bright Cherretyty gentleman both from Bishop

         Auckland in county of Durham, with security house on the west side of Newgate street in Bishop Auckland in county of Durham, that was in occu-

         pation [lease to] of the late Thomas Stankey, now to Christopher Preshous. [Bishop Auckland-1a/h]     


11-5) Bracebridge (county of Lincoln): document dated 18-3-1777 whereby Frances Lodington spinster of Grantham county of Lincoln, Ann Lodington

         spinster of Doncaster county of York, the reverend George Fairfax clerk of Newton Kynie county of York and his wife Emma, and John Fairfax

         esquire of city of York and his wife Jane, has sold for £ 210 to Ishmael Goodhand gentleman of city of Lincoln, a piece of land situated in Brace-

         bridge in parish of Skellingthorp called the Rough of Fir Close in county of Lincoln, containing 20 acres. Frances, Ann, Emma and Jane are 4

         sisters and co-heiress of the reverend Samuel Lodington clerk deceased late of Bracebridge in county of the city of Lincoln. [Bracebridge-1a/j]


11-6) Camberwell (county of Surrey): will and testament dated 5-4-1860 of Jesse Bowlby gentleman of nr. 7 Brunswick

       square Camberwell county of Surrey, where in he legate several amounts to family members and friends aswell to

       his wife Roseanna Wise. [Camberwell-1a/h]


11-7) Cardiff (county of Glamorgan): document dated 8-3-1907 whereby William Price of nr. 40 Park Place in city of

       Cardiff county of Glamorgan, has boroughed £ 220 to Elizabeth Thomas of Saintwell in parish of Calran in county

       of Glamorgan, wife of George Thomas, with security piece of land and dwellinghouse on 2 Coldstream Terrace at

       Cardiff in county of Glamorgan. [Cardiff-1a/d]


11-8) Cold Ashby (county of Northampton):

    a-1) indenture 18-6-1803 whereby John Henson yeoman of Naseby borrows £ 100 from George Travell yeoman

       of Road, with security estate in Cold Ashby against 5% intrest. There was already £ 200 mortgage on it originated

        in the past between them and Hannah Henson. [Cold Ashby-1a/h]

     a-2) handwritten settlement dated 17-5-1848 between John Henson and Thomas Howes, in which John Henson

       still owes £ 116 [see also Northampton for Thomas Howes]. [Cold Ashby-2] 


11-9) Congleton (county of Cheshire): document dated abt. 1888 whereby in court of justice district Chester, Alfred

       North esquire of nr. 1 Hanover Terrace Notting Hill county of Middlesex, Edward Pearson merchant of Southside

       Wilmslow county Chester and James Brierley gentleman of nr. 68 Alexandra Road South Moss Side of Manchester

       county of Lancaster, desire to obtain grant of will off the reverend clerk James Broerley late of Mossley Hall in

       Congleton county of Chester widower, who died in Mossley Hall on 29-12-1887. [Congleton-1a/d] 


11-10) Cragg (nearby Ulverstone Cumbria): dossier with 3 letters 1828-1833 from 1 family - John Kendall in Cragg -

       his brother Simon Kendall at Oxfordstreet New Road no. 18 White Chapel London - their mother - and Charles

       Kendall on board hms "Pyramus" bound for Bermuda [that ship was in june 1833 commissioned to take convicts

       to Bermuda - the letter indicate that he was one of those convicts]. [Cragg-1a/h]


11-11) Dalwood (county of Dorset): document dated 20-2-1830 whereby James French gentleman lately of Colyford

       within parish of Colyton but now Kilmington county of Devon and Thomas Board yeoman of Dalwood county of

       Dorset, for £ 15 have re-alloted to William Board blacksmith of Dalwood county of Dorset [son of previous men-

       tioned Thomas Board] a dwellinghouse blacksmith shop offices and garden behind them in Lower Hawley within

       parish of Dalwood county of Dorset. Thomas was entitled to those properties, however there is a mortgage on them

       in favour of James French which William will take over. [Dalwood-1a/h] 


11-12) Dartmouth: dossier with 2 letters 1802 from Benjamin Tanner to messrs. Louvres & van Lennep Amsterdam

       regarding movements of ships - 1) a convoy with mainly Dutch ships saling 31-8-1802 to Surinam and Curacao

       under command of commodore Blois van Treslong on frigate Proserpina, in total 20 ships incl. the Ceres under

       captain Jan de Vries, the owners of that ship were Louvres & van Lennep - 2) as per letter 14-11-1802 that the

       ship Ceres under captain Vries has apparently safe arrived with the fleet at Tenerife. [Dartmouth-1a/e]


11-13) Dukinfield (county of Chester): document dated 15-6-1881 whereby Thomas Potter bricklayer of Dukinfield

       county Chester, has boroughed £ 150 from Benjamin Mellor Kenworthy esquire of Ashton under Lyne county of

       Lancaster with security a plot of land situated in Dukinfield Hall Dukinfield county of Chester including the 3

       messuages there upon in occupation by Moses Bennett. [Dukinfield-1a/k] 


11-14) Dulwich (county of Surrey): document dated 23-6-1879 regarding the lease op no. 3 Summercoates Terrace

       on Colwell Road, East Dulwich from the Fourth City Mutual Benefit Building Society (London) as mortgagees,

       via Ezekiel James Bailey (Dulwich Grove estate) as lessor, to William Baxter (no. 115 Blue Anchor road Bermond-

       sey) as lessee, against £ 5 per year. [Dulwich-1a/h]


11-15) Dumfries (Scotland): see separate page 


11-16) Edinburgh Scotland):    

     a) letter 7-12-1815 from Joseph Gordon, 28 Londonstreet to his lawyer Ducan Davidson in Aberdeen regarding

         lands from Duke of Gordon charter and lands of "Leith-hall" valuated at £ 210. [Edinburgh-1a/c]

     b) letter 1-11-1826 from Rick Mackenzie to Donald Horne regarding mrs. MacKay that she must have security for

         payment of annuity and that payment of mr. Horne are insufficient. [Edinburgh-2a/b] 


11-17) Fishtoft (county of Lincolnshire): indenture dated 28-5-1861 whereby James Grant gentleman of Boston of

        county of Lincoln, borrows £ 150 to Thomas Woods yeoman of Benington of county of Lincoln against 5%

        intrest yearly, with security piece of farmable land at Fishtoft. [Fishtoft-1a/h]


11-18) Goodrich (county of Herefordshire):

     a) printed document 10-7-1924 with sales of houses and land in Goodrich (Herefordshire) via agent John Brawn,

         that is The Lea, Coppet Hill, Llangrove and Walford. [Goodrich-1a/d]

     b) dossier 1925 with 20 documents regarding sale of "Cliff Cottage" in Coppet Hill incl. plan, sold by Clara Eliza

         Swann and Horace Edward Swann, as mortgagees in possession, for £ 190 to mrs. Oliver. [Goodrich-2a/ai] 

     c) dossier 1925 with 20 documents regarding sale of "Wyeside Cottage" also known as "Cators cottage", sold by

         Mayo & son estate agents, for £ 125 to mrs. Oliver. George Cator was and is leasing the property. [Goodrich-3a/aa]


11-19) Gorleston (borough of Great Yarmouth, county of Norfolk):

     a-1) indenture dated 18-3-1912 whereby David Douglas Chisholm bank manager of Wellingbrough in county of Northampton, representing the late

        William Jordan [died 13-10-1911] of Gorleston has sold for 300 pounds to Ambrose Victor Cadywould insurance agent of nr. 52 Upper Cliff road

        Gortleston of borough of Great Yarmouth in county Norfolk, the dwellinghouse on nr. 52 Upper Cliff road Gorleston with garden ground and out-

        buildings, frontage to Upper Cliff road, to the north by Upper Cliff road, to the east by a house of now or late Thomas William Jay, south by various

        owners and west by the waterwork reservoir. [Gorleston-1a/c]

    a-2) indenture dated 17-6-1912 whereby Charles Jennings Wiltshire and Percy Wiltshire both of Great Yarmouth have lend 100 pounds against 6%

        interest yearly to Ambrose Victor Cadywould insurance agent of nr. 52 Upper Cliff road Gorleston in county borough of Great Yarmouth, with secu-

        rity the dwellinghouse, garden, ground and outbuildings of nr. 52 Upper Cliff road in Gorleston. This is the second mortgage on the house, the

        first is from 18-3-1912 made between David Douglas Chisholm and Cadywould. With note that Percy Wiltshire died on 25-4-1917. [Gorleston-2a/d]


11-20) Hackney (county of Middlesex): indenture dated 18-10-1872 whereby Henry Wooster, butcher of Bricklane

        parish of Spitalfields (Middlesex) has sold for £ 400, to Frederick George Beavan, clerk of no. 17 Bandon road

        Bethnal Green (Middlesex) a piece of land with 2 houses thereon, no. 38 and no. 39 Rutland road in the parish

        of South Hackney (Middlesex). [Hackney-1a/h]


11-21) Harlesden (county of Middlesex): document dated 1894 whereby Matthew Algernoon Adams of Kulm Bearsted

        near Maidstone (county of Kent) fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, has lend £ 300 against annum interest

        to Charles Penny esquire of Ecclesbourne Bramshill Road Harlesden in parish of Willesden, with security nr. 28

        Acton Lane Harlesden in parish of Willesden in county of Middlesex. [Harlesden-1a/d]


11-22) Hull:

    a) office copy of the last will dated 16-11-1743 of Susanna Walsh widow of Kingston-upon-Hull, whereby she be-

         queath £ 4 to Anne wife of George Crawford barber of Kingston upon Hull, £ 20 to Sarah Towler daughter of

         earlier mentioned Ann Crawford on day of her marriage or aged 40, £ 20 to Benjamin Towler brother of the

         said Sarah Towler on day of his marriage and to her daughter Anne Walsh who is sole executrix of her testament

         the messuage and all land. Note that Susanna Walsh has died april 1744. [Hill-3a/c] 

     b) letter dated 8-3-1802 from Rawlinson Brentano, to messrs. Louvrex & van Lennep in Amsterdam regarding 1) a

         shipment of brew oats with captain Berg sailed 24-2 from Texel? - 2) the ship Ceres under captain Hunter now

         in Hull - 3) the ship Minerva under captain Jobs Ysbrand - 4) the ship Refuge under captain Pipys of Hull - men-

         tioned also shipment with Rape cakes and Klahn vessels. [Hull-1a/c]

     c-1) original plan sept. 1805 from a tenement on east side of Lowgate at the corner of Dixons Entry Hull, between mr.

         Gee's house and land of mr. Walkers. [Hull-4]

     c-2) summary 17-8-1808 with later 1830 annotations, of property Lowgate and Dixon's entry in town Kingston upon Hull,

         owned by Samual Coggrave Walker and previous transactions/owners 1753-1808. Samual was son of Jonathan

         Walker and Elizabeth Coggrave. Samuel bought the property on 11-8-1806 for £ 750 from John Casson of town

         of Kingston upon Hull. [Hull-5a/s]

     c-3) summary 25-6-1875 with 1886-1887 annotations, as schedule of property belonging to William Bainton, in mortgage

         for £ 12000 in favour of James Robinson Pease and John Daniel Dyson. Mentions transactions and deeds of Low

         Gate and Dixon's Entry [1802-1887], Ellerker Hull [1763-1887] and public house Rose Tavern [1867-1887] situated

         at Stepney Hull. [Hull-6a/j]       

     d) declaration dated 20-2-1815 by 12 builders from the town of Kingston upon Hull, having examined the boundaries

         between the properties of William Dennis and John Ingleby, about their wall on the east end. [Hull-2a/c] 


11-23) Islington (county of Middlesex):

     a) document dated 6-9-1822 whereby Baylie Cullerne jewellery case manufacturer of Brunswick Cottage in parish of

         Saint Mary Islington county of Middlesex, has leased for 81 years at yearly rent of 5 pounds to Jeremiah Groves of

         Pulteny Street, devided in 4 plots nr. 1 and 2 having 2 fourth rate houses on them, nr. 3 and 4 for 2 intended

         fourth rate houses not yet build. [Islington-1a/q]

     b) document dated 14-4-1845 whereby Sarah Ann Groves of nr. 4 Pulteney Street in parish of Saint Mary Islington

         county of Middlesex spinster, has sold for £ 350 to John Francis Groves gentleman of Hampstead in county of

         Middlesex, the property nr. 4 Pulteney Street in parish of Saint Mary Islington in county of Middlesex including the

         81 years lease. She had received this from her late father Jeremiah Groves [died 6-3-1845]. With his will he be-

         queath 1-4 Pulteney Street to his 3 daughters equally, they are Sarah Ann Groves, Ann Eliza Groves and Eliza

         Groves. The mother Ann wife of Jeremiah Groves has died earlier on 25-10-1838. [Islington-2a/h]

     c) document dated 10-3-1870 whereby James Lawrence miller of Morden Mills Bladford in county of Dorset and his

         wife Maria have sold for £ 200 to Evan Jones grocer of nr. 7 Pultney Street Islington in county of Middlesex, the

         property nr. 4 Pultney Street Islington in county of Middlesex incl. lease. John Francis Groves [died 26-4-1854]

         bequeath by his will of 29-6-1850 to his niece Maria Lawrence the messuage on nr. 4 Pultney Street, Maria is

         the wife of James Lawrence married on 13-5-1843. [Islington-3a/h]


11-24) Kentish Town (county of Middlesex):

     a) document dated 10-12-1862 as last will of George Young of nr. 10a Upper Hartland Road Kentish Town in parish

         of St. Pancras in county of Middlesex, whereby he bequeath to his daughter Ellen all his properties. With separate

         document dated 12-7-1865 from court of probate that George Young has died 16-2-1865 and that his property

         was granted to his daughter Ellen young spinster. [Kentish Town-1a/d]

     b) document dated 21-2-1874 as last will of Henry Norris of nr. 13 Powlett Place Kentish Town in county of Middlesex

         whereby he bequeath to his son William Norris several household items, to Herbert Thomas Purden £ 10 and ap-

         points as trustees his son William Norris and Alfred Edwin Gould of Bristol in county of Glucestor. That his estate

         are to be equally devided between 1) his trustees - 2) his son William Norris and 3) his daughter Mary Ann Norris

         wife of the said Alfred Edwin Gould. That the trustees pays the income from it to his other daughter Louisa Lear

         wife of John William Casey. With separate document dated 31-7-1875 from court of probate that Henry Norris has

         died on 1-7-1875. [Kentish Town-2a/g]


11-25) Kingsclere (county of Southampton):

     a-1) extract of document dated 10-8-1809 being last will and testament of John Carter of Kingsclere in county of

         Southampton, whereby he bequeath properties and money to his children: John Carter, Thomas Carter, Elizabeth

         Carter and Mary Carter married to William Holding. [Kingsclere-1a/b]

     a-2) summary of document dated 17-5-1815 whereby William Holding gentleman of Mortimer in county Berkshire, has

         bought for £ 3824 several properties in Kingsclere county of Sourthampton from William Morland esquire from Pall

         Mall in county of Middlesex, John Fisher esquire of Portman Street Portman in county of Middlesex and from George

         Law gentleman of Lincolns Inn in county of Middlesex. [Kingsclere-2] 

     a-3) summary dated 10-7-1834 release of properties by the 6 children of Thomas Carter deceased, to William Holding

         the younger, gentleman of Kingsclere, to satisfy 2 mortgages in total £ 850 owed by Thomas Carter, and taken over

         by William Holding, the properties are: 2 cottages on the road from Kingsclere to Newbury, meadow called "Brick kiln

         meadow", meadow called "Holdips meadow, more than 5 acres common fields at Kingsclere, cottages and gardens

         near Pound in Kingsclere, blacksmith shop near Pound in Kingsclere, 2 copy-hold premises and 2 copyhold acres

         in Kingsclere. [Kingsclere-3]

     a-4) probate dated 12-12-1856 regarding last will/testament of Elizabeth Holding, spinster of Kingsclere dated 23-5-1856.

         She died 15-9-1856 and naming her 6 brothers and sisters as benefactors over her money and properties being

         Umbers March and Little Coppice in Kingsclere. [Kingsclere-4a/d]


11-26) Kingston-upon-Hull: see Hull.


11-27) Kirkmabreck (Scotland): document dated 13-8-1855 as inventory of deeds relating to the lands of Garrochar

         parish of Kirkmabreck [1764-1841] and stewardry of Kirkenbright with mentioned names: Mure, Stewart, Selkrig,

         Mclean, Campbell and McMurdo. [Kirkmabreck-1a/k]


11-28) Leek (county of Stafford): draft indenture dated 6-2-1922 whereby William Edward Challinor of Pickwood Leek in county of Stafford has sold

         for 45 pounds to William Fallon of Derby street in Leek, a piece of land - 61 square yards - situated at rear of a dwellinghouse shop & premises

         of nr. 12 Derby street in Leek belonging to Willian Fallon under condition to keep the land open & unbuild. It came to William Edward Challinor

         after death of Joseph Challinor [died 31-5-1910] and his wife Jessie [died 19-4-1915] buried at Cheddleton in Leek and after his son Percy

         Graham Challinor and his daughter Jessie Mabel Phipps has disclaimed in any of the estate. [Leek-1a/k]


11-29) Lincoln (county of Lincolnshire):

     a) document dated 1-8-1752 whereby George Cliff grocer of the city of Lindon, has boroughed £ 103.12.7 to Thomas

         Butcher, who used that money to pay off the loan in trust for William Johnson and took over the mortgage and the

         land what was held as security. George Cliff paid also £ 56.17.5 to Thomas Barnes blacksmith of city of Lincoln and

         his wife for thew Spread Eagle Inn and surroundings. William Johnson paid £ 160 pounds back to George Cliff for

         the Spread Eagle Inn and another 10 shillings to John Becke for certain rights. [Lincoln-1a/m]

     b) document dated 21-5-1761 whereby Robert Fetherby of Cherry Willingham (Lincoln) borrows £ 150 to Thomas

         Johnson of the city of Lincoln, joiner and son of the late William Johnson against 4½ % yearly with security property

         in city of Lincoln. They were bought by his late father from Thomas Butcher. [Lincoln-2a/h]

     c) summary dated 15-1-1766 whereby trustees being Robert Obbinson and John Brown joint executors of the last will

         and testament of Joshua Pearts [died 18-6-1762] have released to William Pear iron monger of city of Lincoln a

         freehold orchard or garden in parish of saint Peter at Goats now converted into a close of meadow of pasture, which

         he has bought at auction for £ 85. Late Joshua Pearts the elder had only 1 son Joshua Pearts of Lincoln Inn in county

         of Middlesex and 4 daughter Elizabeth, Ann, Mary and Eleanor Pearts. [Lincoln-3]

     d) summary dated 4-11-1796 whereby a mortgage of £ 500 was assigned from Gilbert Anderson esquire, Susanna Benet

         spinster and Ann Benet spinster all 3 living in Lincoln, as executors of the last will of the late reverend Gilbert Benet

         clerk of the city of Lincoln, to Henry Rutter gentleman of city of Lincoln. Mortgage was against Joshua Pearts of Lincoln

         Inn in county of Middlesex, his late father Joshua Peart the elder has boroughed that money in 1748 from the late Mary

         Dawson of Grantham in county of Lincoln. As security was named a meadow with appartenances in parish of Saint

         Peter of Goats in city of Lincoln. [Lincoln-4]


11-30) Liverpool:

      a) letter 29-9-1800 from James Bron of College lane to reverend John Ramsay of Kirkmichael in Ayrshire, regar-

          ding the ship Green Castle being taken, retaken & carried into st. Michaels. [Liverpool-1a/b]

      b) document dated 6-12-1821 as "The Oath of Free Burgess of the town of Liverpool" by town clerk Hatham, certifying

          that Thomas Dean mariner was duly sworn and enrolled as free burgess of the town of Liverpool. Attached a note that

          his son Thomas Dean was chirstened 3 may 1824 at st. Peters church by rev. Pulford. [Liverpool-2a/b] 

      c) letter 9-7-1839 from John Holdsworth to Samuel Lightfoot solicitor in Hull, regarding several issues including a big

          Liverpool fire and a large thunderous storm he has seen in Liverpool in the past 4 years. [Liverpool-3a/d]


11-31) London:

      a) two letters 1813 from Godfrey Feise & co. to messrs. Janse & Smith in Gothenburg (Sweden) regarding several

         deals and mentioned mr. E. Bull, Cheminant & Kieckhofer and Wolfs & Dorville. [London-1a/d]

      b) letter 5-5-1845 from Frederick Lane to messrs. Mitchell & Clarke in Wymondham regarding reverend J. Patrick

         Royle raising money to settle mortgage and expenses relating to his marriage. Upon mr. Royle death the fortune

         of the late mrs. Royle will be returned to her family. [London-2a/b]


11-32) Millington (county of Chester): document dated 29-9-1826 whereby Samuel Jackson of Baguley in county of

        Chester and his wife Mary has lend £ 100 from John Barratt merchant of Altimcham county of Chester, with security

        piece of land and cottage named Onion Field in Millington county of Chester. [Millington-1a/h]


11-33) Morley (county of Yorkl):

        a) document dated 6 sept. 1888 whereby George Clayton coal miner of parish Batley of Morley has sold and conveyed to Joseph Flower, coal miner

            also from Morley for 200 pounds a plot of land (157 sq. yards) part of a larger plot (200 sq. yards) situated in Morley with on it 2 dwellinghouses

            or messuages (formerly 1 house) occupied by George Clayton and Herbert Smith, with boundaries NW and NE to property of now or late the earl

            of Dartmouth, SE to property of Joseph Flower and SW to the Marshall street. On this land was owed 70 pounds and 2 shillings as mortgage pa-

            yable to "the Leeds permanent benefit society" in Leeds, which Joseph Flower shall pay at request of George Clayton. [Morley-1a/d]

        b) document dated 14 march 1893 whereby Joseph Flower coal miner of parish Batley of Morley has sold and conveyed to Jacob Maundrill coal

            miner of Morley for 560 pounds 2 pieces of land: 1) plot of land (146 sq. yards)  part of a larger plot (536 sq. yards) situated in Morley with on it

            2 dwellinghouses occupied by Joseph Flower and Jacob Maundrill, with boundaries NW to plot of land formerly belonging to George Clayton now

            Joseph Flower, SE to land belonging to Jacob Maundrill, NE belonging to land by now or late earl of Dartmount and SW to the Marshall street

            and 2) plot of land (157 sq. yards) part of a larger plot situated in Morley with on it 2 dwellinghouses occupied by George Clayton and Herbert

            Smith, with boundaries NW and NE to property of now or late the earl of Dartmouth, SE to property now owned by the earl of Dartmouth and SW

            to the Marshall street. On this land was owed 316 pounds and 4 shillings as mortgage payable to "the Leeds permanent benefit society" in Leeds,

            which Jacob Maundrill shall pay at request of Joseph Flower, balance 243 pounds 16 shillings to Joseph Flower. [Morley-2a/d]


11-34) Northampton: see separate page


11-35) North Hykam (county of Lincoln): document dated 9-12-1757 from Nottingham, whereby Christopher Sturtervant

        grocer of Southwell county of Nottingham and his wife Mary, she is 1 of the daughters and heirs of Sanderson Turner

        of Sutton upon Trent county of Dyer and one of the beneficiaries of the last will of Elizabeth Tharold spinster late of

        Sutton upon Trent, have released and sold for £ 350 to William Downing gentleman of Mansfield county of Nottingham,

        half part in messuage farmhouse and other buildings and arable lands in North Hykam. [North Hykam-1a/i]


11-36) North Petherton (county of Somerset): two documents 1) dated 17-5-1895 whereby Charlotte Ella Douglas has given

        all her property to Ellen Burnett on condition that she pay £ 10 to her niece Muriel O'Brien and another £ 10 to her

        nephew Adrian 2) dated 25-8-1897 from high court of justice in which they state that Charlotte Ella Douglas widow of

        North Petherton Bridgewater county of Somerset has died 8 may 1897 at Annerley lodge Knyveton Road Bournemouth

        county of Hants. [North Petherton-1a/c]


11-37) Paddington (county of Middlesex): document dated 9-12-1889 whereby John William Parker of the stock exchange

        from Hessle house Ewell county of Sarrey and Sarah Ann Smith spinster of nr. 6 Westbourne Terrace Road Paddington

        county of Middlesex desire and appoint James Mackenzie as new trustee, in place of Richard Taylor Jarvis who has died

        on 22-8-1889. They were trustees as result of the will and codocil of Sarah Jagg [died 28-9-1888] spinster late of nr. 6

        Westbourne Terrace Road Paddington county of Middlesex,k whereby she bequaeth her niece Sarah Ann Smith as sole

        executrix. [Paddington-1a/d]          


11-38) Poughill (county of Cornwall): latin document dated 29-10-1665 from bisshop Sethus (Seth de Ward) of Exeter

        giving permission to Thomas Phillips to erect a special seat in the church of Poughill. [Poughill-1a/b]


11-39) Queen Square (county of Middlesex):

      a) summary dated 28-1-1869 whereby Joseph Lumby marine stole dealer of 21 Devonshire Street Queen Square county

        of Middlesex, appoints his brother Brealey Lumby saddler and harness maker of 47 Red Lion Street Holborn county of

        Middlesex and his friend Alfred Clark marine stole dealer of 14 Charlton Street Marylebone county of Middlesex, as

        trustees and executors of his last will, his properties are to be equally devided between his 3 children Joseph Lumby,

        Elizabeth Lumby and Ann Lumby. With separate document dated 14-4-1869 from court of probate that Joseph Lumby

        has died 23-3-1869 at nr. 21 Devonshire Street Queen Square county of Middlesex. [Queen Square-1a/b]

      b) summary dated 28-1-1869 whereby Jane Elizabeth Lumby widow marine stole dealer of 21 Devonshire Street Queen

        Square county of Middlesex, appoints her brother in law Brealey Lumby saddler and harness maker of 47 Red Lion

        Street Holborn county of Middlesex and her brother Alfred Clark marine stole dealer of 14 Charlton Street Marylebone

        county of Middlesex, as trustees and guardians of her last will. Bequeath jewelry to her daughters Elizabeth Lumby and

        Ann Lumby and to her sister in law Mary Clark wife of earlier mentioned Alfred Clark. All other properties to be equally

        devided between her 3 children Joseph Lumby, Elizabeth Lumby and Ann Lumby. With separate document dated 3-5-1871

        from court of probate that Jane Elizabeth Lumby has died 24-3-1871 at nr. 21 Devonshire Street Queen Square county

        of Middlesex. [Queen Square-2a/b] 


11-40) Romaldkirk: letter 1-4-1813 from mrs. Hobson to mrs. Charlton in Bolton le Moors (Lancashire) regarding several

        named persons mutual acquaintances. [Romaldkirk-1a/c]


11-41) Sale (county of Chester): document dated 24-1-1851 whereby Ivie Mackie spirit merchant, Abel Heywood printer and

       John Whitworth gentleman, all of Manchester county of Lancaster has sold for £ 35 to John Barnes jawer of Manchester

        a plot of land marked nr. 94 of South Street in township of Sale parish of Ashton upon Mersey in county of Chester,

        next of land owned by Thomas Joplis and Arthur Young. [Sale-1a/h]


11-42) Seulcoats (county of York): document dated 5-12-1817 from Hull as underhand agreement, whereby John Goodhand

        Parker gentleman of parish of Seulcoats county of York, has sold for £ 1262 to John Cowham Parker merchant of Seul-

        coats, the Spread Eagle Inn occupied by John Cheatham and 3 adjoining messuages. Plus several other messuages

        and land containing about 360 acres. Also a parcel of wood ground situated at Bardney about 180 acres. And proper-

        ties in city and county of Lincoln ex Mary Goodhand. [Seulcoats-1a/d] 


11-43) Shrivenham (county of Berkshire):

      a-1) summary dated 5-9-1827 whereby Henry Streat baker of Shrivenham county of Berks, has released a mortgage of

         a messuage garden and premises at Shrivenham in county of Berk for consideration of £ 400 to William Streat gentleman

         of Great Coxwell county of Berks. The property was in possession of Mary Wilson, afterwards of John Sutton, since of

         William Sutton lately of William Street deceased and now Henry Street. [Shrivenham-1] 

     a-2) summary 9-8-1834 whereby John Street of Shrivenham took over a mortgage of £ 400 from the executors of late Wil-

         liam Streat of Great Coxwell (Berkshire) against Henry Streat of Shrivenham with security Garden Close. [Shrivenham-2]

      a-3) summary 2-9-1839 whereby John Streat, builder of Shrivenham and Henry Streat, common brewer of Shrivenham,

         have leased for a year for 10 shillings to William Luker, plumber and glazier of Faringdon, a certain house in Shrivenham.


      a-4) document 3-9-1839 wherey Henry Streat of Shrivenham, has sold for £ 650 to John Streat of Shrivenham, the house,

         other buildings and 1 acre land called "Gearing lane" and cartway at Shrivenham, William Luker is renting the property.


      a-5) document 13-11-1844 whereby John Streat, formely in Shrivenham, now in Essex Street Strand (Middlesex), sold for

         £ 640 to John Barnes of Faringdon the messuage Garden Close and premises at Shrivenham, to cover the debt John

         Streat owes to Barnes & Medley. [Shrivenham-5]

      a-6) document 24-6-1852 whereby John Barnes, banker of Faringdon (Berkshire) sold for £ 500 to Mary Radbourne,

         spinster of Shrivenham, the property Garden Close and land at Shrivenham. [Shrivenham-6]


11-44) Spaunton (county of York): document dated 29-5-1905 whereby the landlord "The Scarborough Whitby Breweries"

        has rent for yearly £ 5 to George Peckett of 30 St. Nicholas street Norton county of York, 2 closes of grass land situated

        on the southside and adjoining the Town street at Spaunton county of York. [Spaunton-1a/d]


11-45) st. Helier (Jersey): document dated 30-11-1867 whereby Harriet Madelon Gosset daughter of Isaac Hilgrove acknow-

        ledge that she owe interest and money to Jean Coutanche son of Josue Coutanche, as result of the heritance of Isaac

        Hilgrove Gosset. [St. Helier-1a/d]


11-46) Stratton (county of Wiltshire): summary dated 25-2-1876 whereby the trustees of Turnpike road have sold for £ 55

        to the trustees of the Mary Hornes charity, the Swindon Marsh Toll house in the parish of Stratton, on one side bounded

        by the Turnpike road ffrom Burford to Swindon and the other side by land of Ambrose Lethbridge Goddard, lord of the

        manor of Swindon. [Stratton-1]


11-47) Swansea (county of Glamorgan): document 1-1-1877 whereby William Harding cab proprietor of Union street in Swansea assign to William Pegelly

        a cottage or dwellinghouse consisting of 1 room on ground floor with 2 bedrooms above together with a yard eight stall stable coach house and hay

        loft situated in Northampton Mews in Swansea, in lease to William Stock. William Harding is son of the late William Harding [deceased 26-11-1865]

        and Mary Ann Harding [deceased 6-12-1874], she was later remarried to Walter Perrott. William Pegelly merchant of Gower place Park street of

        Swansea shall pay to Richard Edmond Elkins Davies gentleman of Barnwood court of Gloucester 300 pounds, which was the balance of the mortgage

        done by the late Mary Ann Perott in 1872, which Richard Edmond Elkins Davies took over in 1875 from the rev. John Smalman Masters and rev. Fran-

        cis Marmaduke Bowden. William Pegelly shall also pay the yearly rent of 7 pounds and 10 shillings for his portion of the 25 pounds rent of a piece of

        land [952 square yards] at back or south side of houses and gardens on south side of Mansel street in Swansea. [Swansea-1a/f] 


11-48) Swindon (county of Wiltshire):

     a-1) summary dated 4-2-1857 whereby Maurice Heath, coal and salt merchant of Swindon, was unable to pay his debt,

        therefore his property being messuage Little London lane and a piece of land at Bellevue Road, were to be sold. He

        owed over £ 500 to 22 creditors. [Swindon-1]

     a-2) summary dated 19-3-1864 whereby the British Land company conveyed back to Thomas Archer, chimney sweeper

        of Swindon, a piece of land in Swindon next of Bellevue road, after he paid them over £ 30. That land was taken from

        him as security of a mortgage. [Swindon-2]

     a-3) summary dated 16-12-1864 between Thomas Archer, chimney sweeper of Swindon and William Wilson and Robert

        Neate Large of Ramsbury (Wiltshire) drapers and trustees of the Benefit Buidling Society called The Provident Union

        Building and Investment Society, in which Thimas Archer holds 7 shares and promise to pay for 21 years as subscription

        1.6.10 £. Thomas Archer has conveyed a piece of land in Swindon on last side called Bellevue Road, north of Robert

        Hopkins, to above mentioned Society. In return Thomas Archer receives £ 203.11.1. [Swindon-3]

     a-4) summary dated 3-5-1872 whereby Thomas Archer, shopkeeper of 11 Bellevue Road in Swindon, is awaiting trial and

        is prisoner being charged with the murder of his wife Sarah Archer, conveying to Joseph Archer, labourer of Swindon

        and Joseph Kilvert Bartrum, solicitor of Bath, all his personal effects and real estate being 11 Bellevue Road at Swindon.


     a-5) summary dated 7-11-1872 whereby Joseph Archer, laborer of Swindon and Joseph Kilvert Bartrum, solicitor of Bath,

        have sold for £ 260 to Alfred Bowes merchant 134 New Kent Road, London, a messuage and land at Bellevue road at

        Swindon. [Swindon-5]


11-49) Torquay (county of Devon): summary dated 3-5-1842 whereby Hugh Lyford Digweed gentleman of Torquay county of

        Devon, has made his will and named his brother the reverend John James Digweed clerk as his sole executor and joint

        guardian with the wife of Hugh over his infant son. Bequeath all his properties to his wife and infant child and after them

        his brother and sisters equally. [Torquay-1]


11-50) Wandsworth (county of London): summary dated 7-12-1904 from Fulham whereby William Charles Penfold gentleman

        of nr. 10 Stokenchurch street Fulham in county of London, has lend £ 400 against interest from Thomas St. Clair McKibbin

        esquire of The Heaning Windermere in county of Westmoreland, with security nr. 84 and 86 Clonmore street Southfields

        in parish of Wandsworth county of London. [Wandsworth-1]


11-51) West Meon (county of Southampton): summary dated 9-5-1901 whereby Marianne Digweed spinster [she died 31-3-1901]

        of Hall Place West Meon county of Southampton spinster, has made her last will and testament and appointing her nephew

        William Holding as sole executor. She bequeath £ 200 to the reverend Joseph James Gibbs. She grants to her nephew

        William Holding and her niece Frances Osman Gibbs wife of earlier mentioned reverend her investments. [West Meon-1]


11-52) Windsor (county of Berks): indenture dated 11-3-1946 whereby Dorothy Emily Stanbrook as executrix of the will of the late Edwin Stanbrook

        [died 23-3-1945] also of nr. 32 Devereux road Windsor county of Berks, has agreed to take possession of a piece of land on Helena road in

        the borough of New Windsor in county of Berks, situated to the north by land formely belonging to the Windsor Royal Society, on the south by

        nr. 16 and 18 Grove road, on the east by Helena road and on the west by nr. 20 Grove road together with 2 messuages erected on them and

        known as nr. 1 and 2 Helena road but now known as nr. 25 and 27 Helena road coming from the estate of Edwin Stanbrook. [Windsor-1a/b]