deel XII - Driessen achief - dokumenten Ierland

source: Driessen archief - digital

archivist: Andreas Driessen op ten Bulten

scans available, against a small fee

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12-1) Cork [Ireland]:

     a) document dated 26-2-1662 whereby John Gallwey fitzimons Andrew gives his permission to Mary Goold that she marries Ignatius Goold

         trader from Cork and gives her 500 pounds from the estate of her father late Thomas Goold fitzimons George. Mary has also a sister

         Anstace Goold present with this transaction and a brother James Gold who is now in England. John Gallwey is an oncle from them from

         mothers side who is brother in law of her father coming from Cork. [Cork-1a/b]

      b) document abt. 1670 by Jonathan Perrie attorney [also signed by John Meade] regarding a dispute between Georgius and Joannes

         represented by Daniel Webb and heirs of Jacobus Goold represented by Ignatius Goold. Apparently George and Joannes had onlawfully

         arrested some catle belonging to heirs of Jacobus Goold who are claiming to have paid 300 pounds for an estate in Lehenaghmore

         [nearby Cork] of which Georgius and Joannes claiming that they haven't paid. [Cork-2]

      c) document dated 5-12-1677 whereby Ignatius Goold declare that Arthur Gallwey and his father John Gallwey are owing him 150 pounds

         as loan for mortgage of a stone house in Cork now occupied by Lancelot Stepnay and for land in Balliphehane and Knockireath and

         others south of Cork. [Cork-3a/b]

      d) document dated 26-1-1678 whereby Lancelot Stepney had paid 23 pounds to Ignatius Goold trader. [ Cork-4a/b]

      e) document dated 4-5-1682 whereby John Meade declares that he was paid 50 pounds by Ignatius Goold as balance of total 300

         pounds mortgage on land called "Carrignabriekij and Corraghmore" in barony of Cork. Received on behalf of Arthur Hide. [Cork-5a/b]       


12-2) Dublin (Ireland): document 18-6-1813 from Daniel Murray archbisschop of Hierapolis (Turkey) declaring that on

        17th of June is been taken in presbyter order, Walter Forlong deacon of Dublin [Daniel Murray became 1823

        archbisschop of Dublin and died 1852]. [Dublin-1]  


12-3) Newtown-Barragh (county of Carlow - Ireland): letter 26-11-1832 from mrs. Elonor Nowlan to the commander

        of the Horse Guards London, regarding her son Michael Nowlan who died as soldier of the Horse Guards in

        East India Company and request his effects. [Newton-2a/b]


12-4) Clogher (county of Tyrone - Northern Ireland):

     a) decree dated 13-4-1931 whereby the county court judge allow the plaintiffs Band & co. Ltd. London, to recover

        £ 6.14.3 from William Montgomery, grocer of Augher (county of Tyrone) by the way of bailiffs & sheriff. [N-Ierland-1a/b]

      b) decree dated 29-1-1934 whereby the county court judge allow the plaintiff William Pinkerton, provisian provider

        of Thomas Street, Armagh (county of Armagh), to recover £ 6.1.0 from Alexander McLaren & Thomas McLaren

        trading as McLaren & company of Augher (county of Tyrone) by the way of bailiffs & sheriff. [N-Ierland-2a/b]


12-5) Dungannon (county of Tyrone - Northern Ireland): decree dated 30-3-1931 whereby the county court judge allow

       the plaintiffs Broune & Nolan Ltd. Belfast, to recover £ 6.19.2 from Bridget J. Wray of Aughnaclay (county of Tyrone)

       by the way of bailiffs & sheriff. [N-Ierland-3a/b]